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1. 08/24/2014 - Tyree Garner said:
Can you guys take pictures of the players at the game Monday 8/25/14 at lavergne high school @7:00pm.

2. 05/01/2014 - Stephanie Davis said:
I want to put some pic on a customized blanket for my daughter. The recommended size is 9300x7800 pixels. Can you do this?

3. 02/25/2014 - Katie said:
Where are the middle school count my basketball pictures

4. 12/15/2013 - Bob Timmerman said:
Mr. Johnson, I appreciate your kind remarks. Feel like I might know you from a previous life... Were you ever a Swiss Guard at the Vatican? I'm pretty sure I remember those pajamas and the special knife you carried...

5. 12/15/2013 - R. W. Johnson said:
Received my order today and was thrilled! All the products are very high quality and the photographs are beautifully vivid. 5-Star service on processing and shipment of my order too! I'm going back and check my list twice! Merry Christmas and Thanks Wizardpix Photography!

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